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JSerra Students Sew Masks

Two JSerra Catholic High School figure skaters are sewing nonmedical protective masks for people to use during the coronavirus pandemic.

Freshman Lleyden Collins and junior Morgan Horvath spent most mornings on their ice skating, which sometimes included sewing outfits for competitions. The masks effort began with a neighbor who needed one for work; and it grew from there.

Masks take about 25 minutes to make. The girls have made 60 in two weeks and delivered half of them—for free. They’re still at work.

Morgan said Lleyden has the “creative side” and preps masks for delivery; Horvath does the cutting and stitching. She also does the actual dropping off of masks since, “I’m old enough to drive.”

The duo triage delivery based on need. Masks are 100% tight-knit cotton washed three times and available in three sizes. Masks are in such demand they’re beginning to experience supply chain woes: fabric inventory is low, as are the elastic bands, “so now we’re using elastic hair ties,” Collins said.

The goal: a safe community, flatter infection curve and “protecting our loved ones.” Collins said.

To give toward the effort, email jslionsgiveback@gmail.com.

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