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Increased Hospitalizations Place OC on State Watchlist

The COVID-19 situation in Orange County is being monitored by the California Department of Public Health as the possibility of scaling back on reopenings rears its head.

OC is now one of 19 counties being watched by health officials.

The state already advised the shuttering of bars in seven counties over the weekend as a precautionary measure in places such as Los Angeles, Fresno, Imperial and Kern counties.

State health officials are now working with the County on its increase in hospitalizations, outlining several steps including stressing the importance of physical distancing, wearing face coverings and limiting gatherings.

That’s in addition to increasing the number of testing sites, preparing hospitals for a potential surge in cases, monitoring those who test positive for COVID-19 and assisting skilled nursing facilities on best practices for prevention.

Gov. Gavin Newsom continued to reiterate Monday the state’s policies are based on science.

“We will continue to monitor counties across the state and take appropriate action when necessary,” Newsom said on social media.

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