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COVID Causes JWA Decline

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John Wayne Airport has seen a 60% decrease in passenger traffic since March 1, with a 90% drop over the last two weeks compared to the same period in 2019, according to a recent update from Airport Director Barry Rondinella.

In March 2019, the airport had 923,000 passengers flow through its gates on about 13,000 flights.

“These reductions are and will continue to have a severe impact on the airport, as well as on the airlines, our shops and restaurants, rental car companies, and more,” Rondinella said, that the airport provides 33,000 jobs and brings billions of dollars to the local economy.

The letter said JWA will receive funding as part of the CARES Act; the FAA has $10 billion to dispense.

Funds will “support our continuing operations” he said, adding there’s no timetable for when the money will come.

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