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Marque Luxury Launches Online Authentication Classes

Irvine-based luxury pre-owned wholesaler Marque Mentor’s EdTech platform has bolstered its offerings with the first in a series of online courses on authentication.
Marque Luxury, which resells pre-owned handbags and apparel to retailers, launched its online platform Marque Mentor in June, offering members access to online courses, books and experts for mentoring and advice. Membership is regularly priced at $149 monthly and was recently marked down to $49.

The launch of the Mentor program was followed in December by the acquisition of the online consignment guide Closet Full of Cash, a move seen as a way to boost Marque’s offering of educational tools for resellers looking to brush up on the business of running their stores and authentication, the latter being a major sticking point in selling pre-owned luxury products.

The membership base is currently in the hundreds, founder and President Quentin Caruana recently told the Business Journal. He added that with the increase in online content the base “is growing rapidly and we expect it to be in the thousands quickly.”

Four more volumes in online courses are currently being created, he said. The company also expects to take the Mentor program offline starting in the summer.

The CEO said the initial focus for offline courses will be the pawnbroker industry with the launch of face-to-face learning rolling out in conjunction with the National Pawnbroker Association’s Pawn Expo in Texas July 10-13. Additionally, the company’s Dallas showroom will host in-person courses.

Marque Luxury also has showrooms at its Irvine headquarters, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Atlanta and New York. Outside the U.S. it has showrooms in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and South Korea. 

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