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Quiksilver Director Cites Freeze-Out in Resignation

A director of Huntington Beach-based Quiksilver Inc. has resigned from the apparel maker and retailer’s board, contending she was excluded from the body’s decision making.

Elizabeth Dolan said she was left out of “crucial board discussions and votes,” according to a letter to fellow Quiksilver directors that was disclosed by the company today. “Indeed, your lack of trust in me has been made clear. On my end, this can’t be rebuilt.”

Dolan joined the board in 2014 as the only female member of the nine-seat body.

She is chief marketing officer at Fox International Channels, a unit of 21st Century Fox. She oversees all brand development, consumer communications, new programming and trade marketing for more than 350 television channels in Asia, Latin America, Europe and Africa.

“As a result of her extensive experience in the worldwide marketing of globally recognized brands, our board of directors believes that Ms. Dolan will bring important insights and guidance to board deliberations regarding our brand development and overall marketing strategies,” the company said when Dolan was renominated in February.

Other members of the board include

  • Bob McKnight, Jr. who co-founded Quiksilver in 1976;
  • Chief Executive Pierre Agnes;
  • Bernd Beetz, chairman of the Board of St. John Knits Inc. in Irvine;
  • William Barnum Jr., a director of Zoe’s Kitchen Inc. in Plano, Texas;
  • Joseph Berardino, managing director at Alvarez & Marsal, a global professional services firm in Los Angeles;
  • Michael Clarke, managing director and chief executive of Australia-based Treasury Wine Estates;
  • M. Steven Langman and Andrew Sweet, managing directors of private equity firm Rhône Group in New York.

Dolan’s departure from the Quiksilver board comes a few months after she was elected to a second one-year term.

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