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Gourmet Chocolates Come to Spectrum

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Chocolate lovers are in for a treat.

John Kelly Chocolates has come to Orange County as part of Bristol Farms’ new grocery store concept, Newfound Market, at the Irvine Spectrum Center.

Some info behind these chocolates: There is no one named John Kelly. It’s the combination of the first names of John Kelson, a longtime executive in the luxury fashion industry, and Kelly Green, an advertising industry veteran. They are the business partners—and life partners—behind the brand. They started the company 18 years ago with Kelly’s grandmother’s recipe for truffle fudge, making their confections in a small chocolate factory in Hollywood. Their chocolate line has grown to 23 flavors and three free-standing chocolate boutiques, the most recent in Beverly Hills.

John Kelly Chocolates opened its doors in 2004. They also distribute in specialty shops, high-end grocery stores, select department stores and premium hotels and wineries. John Kelly Chocolates also sells and ships nationwide via its website, as well as maintaining a large corporate gifting business.

Decadent Offerings

John Kelly’s proprietary recipe combines the creamy texture of ganache with the dense richness of fudge. I have tried several flavors of these decadent gourmet chocolates and have to admit these are among the best I have had. The salted caramels are particularly addicting.

“Everything we make is handmade and of the highest quality. We’re known for making chocolates that give a huge upgrade to childhood favorites, like our truffle fudge,” Green says.

In 2009, the company was awarded the coveted Sofi Gold Award for Outstanding Chocolate by the Specialty Food Association, and in 2007 was honored with the Silver Award. It was named “Best Chocolate Shop in California” by USA Today and has also been on lists for “Best Chocolate Shop in California,” “Best Chocolate Shop in Los Angeles” and “Best Chocolate Shops in America” by numerous sources.

Bristol Farms: 700 Spectrum Center Drive, Ste. 700, (949) 620-4010, bristolfarms.com/newfound-market-food-venues

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