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Adam Coffey

Adam Coffey

CoolSys Inc.
Author: The Private Equity Playbook

Private Equity Backer: Ares Management Corp.

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BIO: Runs country’s largest service of air conditioning and heating systems; major clients include Costco, Starbucks, and the country’s largest grocery chains. Annual sales approaching $1 billion. Since Coffey became CEO in 2016, Coolsys has made more than a dozen buys.

NOTABLE: CoolSys and its operating businesses cover every stage of mission-critical systems from engineering and design, to installation, service and maintenance, and energy optimization. Has more than 3,000 employees nationwide, serving the daily needs of more than 45,000 customer locations across North America.

QUOTABLE: Works with Newport Beach-based Harvey & Co. to help find suitable acquisition candidates. “With more than 4,500 potential acquisition targets in the USA for CoolSys, we rely on Harvey & Co. to ‘shake the trees’ and help our internal deal team focus their activity on targets (that are) pre-qualified.”