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Jeff Reinstein

Jeff Reinstein

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Premier Workspaces

Office Portfolio: 1.6 million square feet

BIO: Runs one of the largest privately held coworking/executive suite operators in the country, which has been in business nearly 20 years. Premier, backed by fellow Irvine-based firm Bascom Group, has owned or operated a total of 132 shared workspace locations over its history. Over two decades, Premier said it has never had an unprofitable year, nor defaulted on a lease.

NOTABLE: Looking to capitalize on recent distress in the coworking sector. Moving forward with plans to grow by taking over distressed locations from other operators, and add more than 100 new locations over the next few years. For more, see story, page 3.

QUOTABLE: “Over the past nearly 20 years, Premier Workspaces has taken over and repositioned 74 distressed or bankrupt shared workspace locations. There is no company in our industry that has the same track record or depth of experience.”