Dominic Ivankovich

Dominic Ivankovich


DAY JOB: Exec tasked with growth at ASP, a maker of sterilization and disinfection products for healthcare uses, following its sale last year to a $20 billion-valued industrial technology conglomerate, Everett, Wash.-based Fortive Corp. Was previously with Fortive.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Saw its products generate national headlines as a potential solution to a lack of medical-grade masks for doctors and nurses. ASP, which employs some 700 people with the bulk at its home base in Irvine, in April got FDA approval under its Emergency Use Authorization to use its sterilization systems to decontaminate N95 respirator masks. The system, called Sterrad, uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide gas to clean products. The FDA said ASP has installed 9,930 Sterrad systems in 6,300 hospitals across the U.S. The machines in total have the capability to sterilize per day about 4 million N95 masks that provide more effective respiratory protections to their users than typical surgical masks.

NOTABLE: It takes between about 24 minutes to 55 minutes for the disinfecting process to take place, depending on the model of the product. By using ASP’s products, the company thinks it can at least triple the lifespan of the hard-to-find N95 masks.

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QUOTABLE: ASP thinks its products can help more than just hospital workers during the pandemic, according to Ivankovich. “It’s not just healthcare professionals that are exposed to the limitations of the supply chains around personal protective equipment—it’s a lot of markets as well,” he told the Business Journal after getting the FDA nod. “Our goal is to make sure we get the equipment to the places where it can make the most difference.”

FAST FACT: Expanding its local base, which included a pair of buildings long used by its former owner, Johnson & Johnson, sitting alongside the Santa Ana (5) Freeway, across from the Spectrum shopping center. It recently inked a lease to take over part of a floor at Broadcom’s campus at the Five Point Gateway campus. The roughly 30,000-square-foot sublease pushes ASP’s area footprint to nearly 150,000 square feet.