Taco Bell Go Mobile rendering

Taco Bell Go Mobile rendering

Irvine-based Taco Bell Corp. is looking at the next 1,000 restaurants it plans to open with an emphasis on digital and destination formats. 

The growth comes as the chain said Tuesday it plans to have 10,000 restaurants open throughout the world this decade, with growth this year expected to surpass that of 2020. 

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Specialty format restaurants such as the Taco Bell Cantina in Las Vegas will be part of the growth, in addition to digital-oriented designs, such as the Go Mobile concept revealed last year. 

Go Mobile places importance on drive-thru efficiencies, staffed with restaurant workers using tablets to take orders and assist with curbside pickup. Those workers, called bellhops, are set to number as many as 1,000 throughout the country by the summer, the company said. 

Taco Bell expects to have more than 30 Go Mobiles built this year.