Scott Shreeve, Co-Founder, CEO
Crossover Health

Scott Shreeve, Co-Founder, CEO Crossover Health


WHY: Runs primary care upstart which has raised some $110M. Found a niche by serving large, self-funded tech employers that act as their own medical insurance companies, using a combination of on-site or near-site healthcare clinics that it runs.


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Announced plans in summer to open and operate 20 health centers that cater exclusively to Amazon employees and their family members, starting in five cities. Expected to be used by about 115,000 Amazon associates and their families. Adding 400 physicians and other medical staff.

QUOTABLE: “What sits in front of us now is a massive opportunity to really make a difference in people’s lives. Our entire focus is to have the best impact in the lives of these people.”

 2020 HOBBY:
“I am a huge fan of individual sovereignty and have gone way down the rabbit hole of Bitcoin as a new monetary framework for an everincreasing digital world.”