Charles Antis

Charles Antis

WHY: Refers to himself as a “conscious capitalist,” leading a 31-year-old roofing business with the motto “Keeping Families Safe and Dry.”

RECENT: Heavily involved in community. Sits on board of United to End Homelessness, Orange County Ronald McDonald House. Nabbed American Red Cross Corporate Hero award last year.

NOTABLE: His firm has donated every roof for all Habitat for Humanity homes built in Orange County over past decade—some 70 homes. FUN FACT:Into photographing hawks, vultures and eagles.

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QUOTABLE: Lives by words he’s said to employees, clients, the community: “Join me in creating the world in which we want to live!”

2020 HOBBY: “Partnering with Wing Lam and other brands to create the California Love Drop, bringing food and cheer to our Frontline Workers and First Responders—those who keep us safe!”