Costa Mesa action sports apparel and footwear company Vans Inc. revealed new sustainability goals focusing on the materials it uses, its carbon footprint and plastic packaging.

The announcement came as another OC heavyweight, Irvine-based Taco Bell Corp., said it intended to start a national program to recycle its hot sauce packets in a bid to make consumer-facing packaging more sustainable by 2025.

Vans, which is owned by Denver-based VF Corp. (NYSE: VFC), said it plans on making materials such as its cotton, leather, polyester and rubber regenerative, responsibly sourced, renewable or recycled by 2030.

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It also aims to stop using plastic shopping bags in stores by the end of this year and all other single-use plastic packaging no longer used by 2025.

The company’s looking to cut its carbon emissions 30% from where it was in 2017 and have all of its facilities operating on renewable energy by 2025.