Orange County’s adjusted coronavirus case rate decreased this week for the first time since last month.

In the county’s weekly COVID-19 tier update, the region’s case rate decreased from 6 to 5.6 daily cases per 100,000 residents, still up from 5.1 and 4.6 in the two weeks prior.

The county experienced a COVID-19 peak in July, followed by weeks of declines. That has shifted in the past month, with the county’s case rate continuing to tick back up.

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OC was placed in the most restrictive purple tier on Aug. 28 when the state unveiled the new monitoring guidelines along with 37 other counties, representing 87% of California’s population.

Counties are placed in this tier if they have more than 7 new daily cases per 100,000 residents, and a testing percentage above 8%.

OC moved into the red tier on Sept. 8 after meeting the requirements, which calls for four to seven daily new cases and a positive test rate between 5% and 8%.

The moderate, or orange tier, is for counties with one to 3.9 new daily cases and a 2% to 4.9% testing rate; and the minimal yellow tier is less than one daily new case and a positive testing rate below 2%.

The county currently has a positive testing rate of 3.3%, down from 3.6% the week prior and once again within orange tier requirements.

If a county's case rate and test positivity rate fall into two different tiers, the county will be assigned to the more restrictive tier, according to the state’s monitoring system.

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