The Orange County unemployment rate will average 8.2% this year and 6% in 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic-caused recession, said California State University-Fullerton economist Mira Farka, in an increase over numbers forecast a little more than a month ago.

Farka, a CSUF associate professor and co-director of the Woods Center for Economic Analysis and Forecasting there, provided an updated economic outlook in an online program sponsored by the OC Forum.

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Farka and her colleague Woods Center Director Anil Puri on April 22 had predicted 7% OC unemployment for this year and 5.3% for 2021.

Among her other findings:

• 44% of leisure and hospitality jobs “are gone” in Orange County, with more losses likely.

• “We do expect the total estimated job losses for Orange County to come to about 340,000 when this is all said and done.”

• A lot of the layoffs are temporary; healthcare sector will be first to come back along with manufacturing and education.

• Construction jobs will come back “pretty vigorously” especially in Orange County.