New coronavirus cases in Orange County continue to increase on a weekly basis, with 131 reported on average each day in the past week, up from 105 for the week ending May 11.

Several North Orange County cities continue to serve as hotspots for new cases, with Anaheim, Santa Ana, Orange and Buena Park generating almost half of all new cases in the past week.

There were 59 new cases reported Monday, bringing the OC total to 4,434, which includes 461 senior living residents and 350 jail inmates.

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No new deaths were reported Monday. There have been 88 total deaths to date, including 23 senior living residents and no jail inmates.

Testing has dipped in the past week, with 1,595 people tested each day on average, down from 2,715 the prior week, and 2,199 from the week prior.

About 80,500 of the county’s 3.2 million residents have received tests as of May 18.

In order to reopen, the county is expected to report 1.5 tests per 1,000 residents each day; for the week ending May 18, there were about 0.5 tests per 1,000 county residents conducted each day on average.

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