John Wayne Airport continues to feel effects of the coronavirus, reporting a 91% drop in May traffic following a 97% decrease in April and a 63% decrease in March.

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All flights to and from the airport fell 35% last month to 17,352 with general aviation declining 15% to 15,392 flights and 89% of all flight operations.

Commercial flights in May were down 78% for the second month in a row to about 1,742. Commuter flights—scheduled flights on planes with fewer than 70 seats—decreased 73% to 134 flights.

There were zero international passengers in May, compared to more than 19,600 for the year prior. Year-to-date international traffic is down 79% to 17,246.

The three busiest airlines in May by passenger count were Southwest at 33,928; American at 20,136; and Alaska with nearly 8,800, surpassing Delta.

Year-to-date traffic is down 54% to 2 million; flights are down 28% for the first five months to 89,554.

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