BJ’s Restaurants Inc. (Nasdaq: BJRI) continues to navigate the pandemic as its restaurant workers get more nimble and creative in responding to the changing environment.

The company began reopening in-restaurant dining in line with state reopenings, but then changed more recently in California and other parts of the country when indoor operations were once again ordered closed.

“The entrepreneurial spirit of our restaurant operators was on full display as teams acted swiftly to create welcoming and comfortable outdoor seating areas around the perimeter of our restaurants as well as under large and lighted tents in our parking lots,” CEO Greg Trojan said. “These efforts have allowed us to continue to serve our guests in locations where indoor dining is not currently permitted and to expand our seating where dine-in capacity is limited.”

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The company said 70% of its restaurants’ dining rooms are currently open. That’s down from 95% in late June, before reopenings were rolled back in some states.

The company’s also been able to bring back about 10,000 workers to its payroll as more restaurants have come back online.

The update came with BJ’s results for the June quarter.

Companywide revenue was down 57.5% from the year-ago period to $128 million. Analysts on average projected revenue to be $128.6 million.

The company recorded a net loss for the quarter of $29 million, which was less than analyst expectations of a nearly $41 million loss.

BJ’s shares were trading up about 8% in after-hours trading Thursday to $20.51 for a market cap of $423 million.

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