COVID-19 cases by city in Orange County

COVID-19 cases by city in Orange County

Anaheim and Santa Ana continue to account for a large portion of the county’s new coronavirus cases.

The two cities represented more than one-third of all cases reported in the past week, with nearly 10,200 cumulative cases, representing 36% of the 28,300 total cases in Orange County.

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The two cities have the county’s highest cases per capita, with 158 cases per 10,000 residents in Santa Ana and 135 per 10,000 residents in Anaheim.

These two hot spots have received special focus from the county as of late, with an increase mobile testing facilities and increased education efforts, such as the Latino Health Equity Initiative, a recently launched effort aimed at advocating health and increasing awareness in these cities which have higher-than-average Latino populations as well as increased community spread.

Other hot spots include Los Alamitos, with 120 cases per 10,000 residents, and La Habra, with 102 cases per 10,000 residents.

Nursing facilities account for nearly half of the cases in Los Alamitos, attributing to the higher per capita rate, though La Habra has only four cases from nursing homes, out of a total of 648 cases.

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