John Wayne Airport passenger traffic decreased 2.7% in November to 827,000 compared with the same month the year prior. Flights to and from the OC airport dipped 16% to 22,000 from November 2018.

Year-to-date traffic is flat; flights are down 4%.

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Commercial flights in November were down 5% to about 7,100. Commuter flights—scheduled flights on planes with fewer than 70 seats—doubled to 462 flights.

General aviation passengers, about 65% of total aircraft operations in November, dropped 22% to 14,340.

International passengers totaled 12,200 on 111 flights for the month, down 31% and 36% each.

The three busiest airlines in November by passenger count were Southwest Airlines at about 261,000; American Airlines at 140,000; and United Airlines with 130,000 passengers.