“It’s the Wild, Wild West and you’ll get some influencers that drive some amazing traffic when they’re aligned with your brand. Unfortunately, it’s too easy to buy fake followers and fake engagement now.”

Indi, to capture the other side of the coin, recently spun off a separate entity so that it now has its content management system and related services under Indi Engage, which has raised money from high-net worth individuals, but has no structured capital as of yet.

Meanwhile, there’s Indi (corporate entity Indi Individuals Inc.), which has raised an undisclosed sum, to focus on helping influencers—ranging from celebrities and athletes to stay-at-home parents—looking to leverage their own audiences by helping them build out online stores and sourcing product to sell. The company plans to launch video commerce soon, according to Grover.

Both entities longer term have the potential to be sizable in their own right, the CEO said.

“They both have great opportunities because brands need to regain control of their connections to their customers and really take some of that ownership from social media,” Grover said. “That’s going to be a big shift that’s going to happen. On the individual side, it’s a new world out there and we think we’re at the forefront of that.”