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Bill Haford

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February 26, 2018

In Memoriam

Age 58 … fifth-gen at Bixby Land Co.; in family 110 years … 12 years stewarding Bixby, 12 years Irvine Co. … built $1B office, industrial portfolio … Quick flips: bought Kawasaki bldg., 2015, leased to Karma, 2016, sold to Karma, $56M, 2017 … backed UCI real estate, business school efforts … Bixby endowed Halford UCI scholarship in 2018 … ‘forward-looking’—R.D. Olson; ‘bigger than life’—James ‘Watty’ Watson … survived by wife, Cindy, daughter, Ali, son, Bixby, mom, Suzy, sister, Heidi