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ShiftPixy co-founders Absher, Holmes

ShiftPixy co-founders Absher, Holmes

ShiftPixy Inc. said it will offer delivery driver employees to fast food and fast casual restaurant clients.

The Irvine-based company provides temporary and short-notice shift workers to restaurants through an app and an online platform, essentially offloading traditional temp agency services to technology.

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The new line of employees could tap operators too small to run their own insured driver workforce. ShiftPixy said in a press release the new service line can also prevent “brand damage and high costs from third-party delivery.”

ShiftPixy went public in July 2017, raising $12 million on an offering of 2 million shares under Regulation A+ rules that allow smaller companies to go public.

It traded recently at about $3.60 a share and a $104 million market cap, down from last year’s IPO and up 45% since June, when it raised $9 million in gross proceeds from a private placement of 8% senior convertible debt.

ShiftPixy was co-founded by Chief Executive Scott Absher and Stephen Holmes and has in the last year opened offices in New York, Chicago, Orlando, and Austin, Texas.