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John Wayne Airport said 902,059 passengers moved through the facility in June, compared with 902,673 in the same month last year. The decline of 514 people was less than 0.1% down year-over-year.

Commercial flights declined 2.5% to about 3,817 last month, compared with 3,416 a year earlier.

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Year-to-date passenger counts and commercial flights are both down about 2.5%.

The airport at midyear has seen 5.1 million passengers; traffic is capped at 10.8 million passengers this year.

International passenger numbers were down more than 36% to 20,300—and international flights fell more than 42% to 93.

The three busiest airlines were Southwest Airlines with 345,300 passengers; American Airlines with 161,900; and United Airlines with 141,600.