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Bill Carpou

Bill Carpou

OCTANe in Aliso Viejo formed a division it dubbed ‘Growth Services,’ to increase “resources, intelligence, capital and deal flow,” for the group’s members, partners, investors, entrepreneurs and accelerator alumni, Chief Executive Bill Carpou said.

OCTANe has been extending its reach of late—adding access to a state life sciences trade association and a planned merger with the OC Technology Alliance—and is known mainly for its life sciences and technology accelerator.

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Carpou said the growth services operating group is for “any company or organization looking to grow” whether part of the accelerator program or not.

OCTANe introduced the new offering at its annual Medical Device & Investor Forum, which takes place today and tomorrow at Hotel Irvine.

It includes seminars, panels, and nine companies presenting to investors and seeking $57 million in investment, from seed rounds to Series B.