Boeing Co. introduced its latest unmanned, underwater vehicle this morning at its Huntington Beach facilities that holds vast applications in sea exploration, surveillance and analysis.

The 51-foot Echo Voyager can operate autonomously for months through a hybrid rechargeable power system and payload bay, and can be launched and recovered without support ships.

“A great accomplishment is being recognized here today,” Darryl Davis, president of Boeing Phantom Works told a mixed crowd of Boeing employees, dignitaries, military personnel and other guests. “We’re delivering innovative and affordable solutions in our market areas.”

The 50-ton vehicle can travel at a maximum speed of eight knots and submerge 11,000 feet under the surface, or roughly two miles.

The vessel is the latest innovation in Boeing’s UUV models, which include the 32-foot Echo Seeker and the 18-foot Echo Ranger.

The vehicle was developed by the company’s Defense, Space & Security unit, which is headquartered in St. Louis and generates $30 billion in revenue annually and employs 50,000 workers.

Chicago-based Boeing is the county’s fifth largest employer with 6,470 employees through October, according to Business Journal research.