Slapfish Restaurant Group LLC plans franchised locations in six states.

The parent company of the Fountain Valley-based fast casual seafood chain said it signed a multi-unit operator of other restaurants to open 50 Slapfish locations in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and Texas.

The single-unit franchise fee for Slapfish is $30,000 with royalty and marketing fees of 8% of gross sales.

Area representatives pay between $50,000 and $1 million to re-sell franchises in market areas and earn 50% of the royalties the parent company earns for providing franchisee services in those areas, according to California state franchising documents.

It costs about $130,000 to $700,000 to open a Slapfish, depending on the size of the restaurant. A full-sized location is about 2,000 square feet with smaller sites—for airports, kiosks and food courses—as small as 400 square feet.

Slapfish has been working on franchising for several years. It said in 2013 it had signed an operator in the Middle East to open 50 locations, with the first planned for Dubai in 2014. A news report in October 2015 said it would open in New York City this year.

The chain has six locations—five in Orange County and one at Los Angeles International Airport—according to its website.

Andrew Gruel and Jethro Naude cofounded Slapfish with one food truck in 2001.