Microsemi Corp. invested in Veracity Security Intelligence.

Microsemi in Aliso Viejo is the largest OC-based chipmaker with annual sales of about $1.2 billion.

Veracity in San Juan Capistrano is a two-year-old startup that provides network security products and services.

The startup is a portfolio company of Frost Data Capital, which launches and grows technology firms.

Veracity said in a regulatory filing in May it received a $3 million equity investment. Microsemi said it participated in that round and owns a minority stake in Veracity but declined to say how much it invested in the startup.

Microsemi Chief Strategy Officer Steve Litchfield said some of the chipmaker’s products have security features that fit well with Veracity’s “systems-level security” approach.

Microsemi said in a statement the investment “is part of an early stage raise allowing Veracity to fund its product development efforts” and would help the two companies “deliver innovative security solutions to its strategic customers.”