Is your workplace great?

We want to know.

The Business Journal is working on its annual list of the best places to work in the county. The list is scheduled to appear July 25 as part of a Special Report covering employers that make our ranking.

We’re in the process of soliciting employers to take part in our selection process, which involves a two-part survey of employers and workers.


Making the list comes with fringe benefits. Your company will be part of a select group of employers recognized for their treatment, recruitment and retention of employees. The list stands to be a source of pride for employers that can help with employee morale and recruiting.

Making our list also brings good exposure to clients, customers, bankers, vendors and peers.

We’re considering just about all types of employers in the county: locally based companies, subsidiaries of companies based elsewhere, professional services firms, banks, government agencies, nonprofit organizations, hospitals and universities.


Employers must have at least 15 part- and full-time workers and been in business for at least a year.

They’re ranked by category: small (15 to 49 workers), medium (50 to 249 workers), and large (250 or more).

Visit for details about our list and information on how to enter your company in the ranking.

There’s no cost to enter. There is a nominal fee for any company that opts to use paper-based surveys instead of electronic surveys.

Employers are given two surveys as part of the assessment process.

The employer survey requires information on policies, practices, benefits, and demographics, and is filled out by management.

The employee engagement and satisfaction survey questions workers on their employer’s leadership, planning, culture, training, pay and benefits, and other areas.

Employers will be asked to provide email contact information for workers. All gathered information is confidential and won’t be released to any third parties.

The Business Journal’s list will include only basic employment and benefits information about employers. Our stories on the employers will be general profiles.

Specific comments and other details of the surveys won’t be made public. Employers that go through the process but don’t qualify won’t be cited in any way.

Best Companies Group

The Business Journal is working with Harrisburg, Pa.-based Best Companies Group on the development of our list, as we have in years past.

Best Companies is known for producing similar lists for business journals and magazines across the country. It has a track record we feel is up to our standards.

Survey reports, if desired, are available for purchase from Best Companies Group.

We’ll be soliciting employers to be surveyed through March 18, and employers and employees will be queried in the following weeks.

A timeline with all the 2016 Best Places deadlines is available at


Contact Editorial Assistant Alyssa Matsuhara at (949) 833-8373, ext. 205, or at, or Research Director Dana Truong at (949) 833-8373, ext. 247, or at for more information.

You also can get more details from Jackie Miller of Best Companies Group at (717) 909-1570 or