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Brandman University in Irvine has added a second “competency based education” online bachelor’s degree program—a bachelor of science in information technology.

The move for the school, which is part of the Chapman University system, follows the debut of a CBE bachelor’s in business administration last year.

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Competency-based programs assess students’ knowledge and experience and grant college credit on that basis. The new program includes 39 “competencies” students must complete to graduate.

The university worked with Washington D.C.-based Flat World Knowledge Inc. to create an online platform called MyPath. The technology incorporates various teaching methods including game-based learning.

Brandman in October invested $2 million—40% of its endowment at the time—in Flat World Knowledge.

Tuition for its CBE programs is $5,400 for an academic year. Students move at their own pace and the school said the faster they finish, the lower the cost. The programs are accredited so financial aid can be applied to tuition.