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The Los Angeles Times has been granted a $4.2 million “writ of attachment” against the Orange County Register in Superior Court, according to a news report.

The lien applies to assets owned by the Register and covers “bank accounts, stocks, bonds, securities, brokerage accounts, and real property,” according to the Courthouse News Service report.

It came in a March 12 order stemming from a lawsuit over newspaper delivery fees the Times claims it is owed by the Register.

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The Times sued the Register late last year for $3.5 million; the Register countersued for $8.5 million, calling the Times “the bully up north.”

The Register is owned by Freedom Communications Holdings Inc. in Santa Ana.

Freedom sold the Register’s main office to Santa Ana developer Mike Harrah last fall for $27 million and leased the property back from him.

The company also has sought to sell an adjacent 14.3 acres for as much as $45 million, although that deal appears to have been held up.

At least one other lien against Freedom’s assets is believed to be in effect.

Freedom owners Aaron Kushner and Eric Spitz last week resigned from their executive positions and Register Publisher Rich Mirman was named president and chief executive.