The unemployment rate in Orange County ticked up in May despite an increase of 13,000 jobs.

The rate, not seasonally adjusted, was 4.2% versus 4.1% in April and 5.2% a year earlier, according to the state Employment Development Department.

Orange County now has 1,545,800 jobs, up 3.4% over May 2014.

California’s unemployment rate, not seasonally adjusted, was 6.2% compared with 6.1% in April and 7.2% a year earlier. Nationwide, the unadjusted rate was 5.3% versus 5.1% in April and 6.1% a year earlier.

Seasonally adjusted numbers, which are more widely reported, indicate California’s jobless rate was 6.4% and the nationwide rate 5.5%.

The number of jobs in the education and health services sector increased by 2,900, with nearly 90% of the growth occurring in healthcare and social assistance. The sector has 202,300 jobs, up 6.4% year-over-year.

Leisure and hospitality jobs also increased by 2,900, with about 55% of the growth in arts, entertainment and recreation, and the rest occurring in accommodation and food services. The sector has grown by 2.5% over the past year to 200,000 jobs.

The number of jobs in trade, transportation and utilities increased by 2,400 to 259,700. That’s up about 2.2% year-over-year.

Construction jobs rose by 400 to 88,200. The sector grew 8.9% over the year.

Employers in the professional and business services sector made 1,400 net hires last month. The sector has 283,600 jobs, up 3.6% over the year.

The financial services sector was the only industry category that reported a decrease in the number of jobs, down 600. The cutbacks came mostly from real estate and rental and leasing businesses, according to the EDD.