Major indices declined in midday trading on China devaluing its currency.

The S&P 500 was down 1.2% to 2,078.66. The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 1.4% to 17,374.85. The Nasdaq was down 1.6% to 5,021.92.

The yield on a 10-year Treasury bond was down 4.5% to 2.13%.

The price of gold was up 0.3% to $1,107.


San Clemente-based ICU Medical Inc. was up 17.6% to 118.83 and a $1.9 billion market cap on positive quarterly earnings, a boost in full-year guidance for 2015, and two analysts maintaining or reiterating “overweight” or “buy” ratings on shares of the infusion therapy device maker, each with price targets of $124.