Stanbridge College in Irvine has added two synthetic, full-body, human cadavers for students in its healthcare degree programs, the school said.

The new additions are from a company called SynDaver Labs in Tampa, Fla., and are meant to allow training and examination of internal organs, bones, muscles, veins, and blood vessels.

“Understanding how the body works is directly related to how the body is built,” said Elizabeth Peyton, director of the Physical Therapist Assistant program, in a statement. “To understand its function a student must first understand its structure.”

This year the school had already built a lab of synthetic “live” bodies that mimic medical situations of living patients, to prepare students for clinical rotations in nursing.

Stanbridge also has a driving simulator lab for occupational therapy students to help treat patients who have experienced strokes or other neurological damage, and simulated dog and cat bodies to train students in the school’s veterinary technology program.

Stanbridge has about 1,200 students.