Evidence Based Inc., a private Irvine-based company that provides risk-assessment services to courts, police agencies and municipalities, has hired the former Santa Ana police chief as its executive vice president.

Paul Walters retired last year after serving in the role of police chief since 1988. During his tenure, he was recognized by President Bill Clinton for “community policing innovations,” as well as by President Barack Obama and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, California Attorney General, the Governor of California, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate and the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

“Chief Walters’ extensive experience and knowledge as the longest-serving chief in a major city in modern U.S. history brings a unique expertise to our team,” John McLaughlin, Evidence Based’s president and chief executive, said in a news release. “Those skills will prove invaluable to us as we seek to create safer environments on school campuses.”

McLaughlin referred to the company’s new campus security program, which provides schools with campus security officers to augment their existing safety personnel, as well as mental health resources and other services.

The executive vice president position is new, created for Walters so that “he could become a part of the EBI team,” according to the company.