Two local law schools’ summer bar exam pass rates placed them among the top 10 American Bar Association-approved schools in the state.

Eighty-three students from the University of California Irvine School of Law took the July State Bar exam for the first time, and 64 passed. That was good for a 77% overall pass rate and No. 7 for the law school. It posted the same pass rate for July 2013 bar exam.

Chapman University’s Fowler School of Law in Orange sent 127 students to take the bar exam for the first time, of which 95 passed. Its passing rate is 75%, netting it a No. 8 spot, right behind UCI. Chapman’s passing rate on July 2013 exam was 77%.

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Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa had 164 students who took the bar exam, and 70 passed or 43%. That’s down from 65% pass rate it had on July 2013 bar exam.

Western State College of Law at Argosy University in Fullerton posted a 59% pass rate, with 119 who took the exam, 70 of whom passed. Western State’ year-ago pass rate was 75%.

The top three spots in the state were taken by University of California Berkeley School of Law, Stanford Law School and University of Southern California Gould School of Law, which had 88.3%, 87.6% and 86.6% pass rates, respectively.

There are 21 American Bar Association-approved schools in the state, an additional 18 California-accredited but not ABA-approved law schools, and six unaccredited law schools.

The statewide pass rate for first-time test takers—6,220 of them—was 61%, according to the State Bar of California Committee of Bar Examiners. The pass rate for 2,284 repeat test takers was 14%.

The overall pass rate for the state was 48.6 %, the lowest since July 2004.