Irvine-based charter airline JetSuite LLC has expanded service routes to include flights to the Caribbean.

The private carrier now operates nonstop flights from the East Coast to St. Maarten, Anguilla and Nassau, among other airports in the Bahamas.

JetSuite keeps its headquarters in Orange County and operates flights out of John Wayne Airport, while the majority of its flight services are in the Northeast, according to Chief Executive Alex Wilcox.

“We’re growing fastest there right now,” he said, citing New York and Boston as among the busiest jet charter markets.

JetSuite established its New York operations last year, shortly after the company moved its headquarters from Long Beach to John Wayne Airport in 2011.

JetSuite currently operates 19 planes, with expectations to add one more later this month.

“We’ll add another 10 over the next year, almost all of them in the Northeast,” Wilcox said.

Airline industry veteran Wilcox cofounded JetSuite in 2006 and oversaw the first of its flights in 2009. He also was a founding executive of JetBlue Airways Corp. in New York.

JetSuite has hired about 40 employees over the past year for a total of about 170. It notched $25 million in revenue last year.