Anaheim-based staffing firm Midcom Corp. has been acquired by HKA Enterprises Inc. in Duncan, S.C. on undisclosed terms.

Midcom specializes in engineering, technical and information technology sectors. It has more than 500 employees, according to the company. It operates through 12 branches across the U.S., including in Seattle, Houston, Chicago and Philadelphia.

The acquisition is expected to boost HKA’s services and geographic presence, as well as increase its revenue by about 40% to $200 million next year, according to HKA spokesperson Laura Long.

HKA has several offices in the states, along with a location in Puerto Rico.

“Anaheim will continue to operate as a regional sales and recruiting center, and will oversee all of HKA’s West Coast operations,” Long said. “Existing management will stay with the company.”

HKA has made 5,000 job placements this year and expects the number to grow to about 6,500 with the Midcom acquisition.