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The parent of Knott’s Berry Farm plans to add three rides next summer to the Buena Park amusement park’s Boardwalk area.

Sandusky, Ohio-based Cedar Fair Entertainment Co. said the overhaul is meant to add family appeal to the beach-themed Boardwalk area.

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The additions include the Coast Rider rollercoaster, Surfside Glider and Pacific Scrambler.

Pacific Scrambler was removed from the park several years ago, with the space filled by the addition of the Pony Express rollercoaster in 2008.

The announcement answers the question of what would fill space left open after the removal of the Perilous Plunge rollercoaster ride at the Boardwalk. Perilous Plunge, which opened in 2000, was disassembled in September.

The Knott’s Berry Farm additions come as other Cedar Fair amusement and water parks are also set to see their own ride additions in 2013.