The Laguna Beach City Council last night voted against the installation of a traffic light at an exit of Emerald Bay, an upscale enclave that’s home to some of Orange County’s top business executives and entrepreneurs.

Some residents of Emerald Bay—which is in an unincorporated area of the county but subject to jurisdiction by the city of Laguna Beach under planning protocols in some instances—had requested a light to control left-hand turns that take vehicles south on Coast Highway at an exit from the north side of Emerald Bay.

The council voted 5-0 against a motion that would have waived the need for a coastal development permit for the traffic light.

City Councilmember Elizabeth Pearson said the vote came after large numbers of Laguna Beach residents registered opposition to adding the light, citing concerns on safety and a slowdown in traffic on Coast Highway.

Emerald Bay residents can exit the enclave at another point that opens to city streets that lead to intersection of Coast Highway with traffic lights.