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A 3D projector from Irvine-based Inc.’s Red Digital Cinema Camera Co. will be made in Irvine and is expected to hit the market later this year.

The company expects to add about 500 jobs over the next year, with new hires ranging from accounting to assembly, according to Red founder Jim Jannard.

The projector, named Red Ray, was designed and engineered at Red’s headquarters in Irvine, where the company makes its digital cinema cameras and accessories and already employs about 400.

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Red Ray is expected to display movies at 4K resolution. That’s about four times 1080p, the resolution level of high-definition television.

Many theaters continue to use 2K projectors even as more and more films are shot on cameras that have a 4K or higher resolution.

Red Ray will be sold for home-theater and commercial cinema use.

The price for the home model will be targeted at about $10,000, according to an online post by Jannard.

Competing products with similar specifications for home theater use start at $25,000.

Red’s cameras have been used to film movies and TV shows such as The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, The Hobbit, Shameless and Southland.

Red employs more than 500 workers companywide.