Anaheim-based Fisker Automotive Inc. is recalling 2,400 Karmas to fix cooling fans, which could have a defect that’s tied to a fire earlier this month, according to the carmaker.

Fisker had recalled more than 200 Karmas earlier this year on similar concerns.

The latest recall follows a private investigation after a Karma caught fire in the Northern California city of Woodside earlier this month.

A probe by Corona-based Pacific Rim Investigative Services Group Inc. found that the fire began with the cooling fan located in front of the car’s left front wheel. The fire was not related to the car’s lithium-ion batteries, according to a Fisker statement.

“Wiring in the fan failed, and it overheated, causing the slow-burning fire,” Fisker said.

The company said it plans to replace the cooling fans and install another fuse.

It also said it doesn’t expect the recall to have “a material financial impact.”

Fisker has sold more than 1,000 Karmas, which retail for about $103,000.