Costa Mesa-based Irvine Sensors Corp. has changed its name to ISC8 in a rebranding effort.

The company, which makes small electronics for the military and hardware and software for commercial and industrial uses, also rolled out a new logo in an effort to highlight its technology for fighting cyber attacks and other possible security breaches.

“ISC8 has been developing the technology in stealth mode and aims to compete head on with some of the big competitors with significant marketing resources, but like many quality products, large enterprises don’t necessarily equate to the best quality offerings,” said Joy Randels, vice president of business development and marketing.

The “8” in its new name signifies the human element and eighth layer associated with network security, according to executives.

In network security, there are seven distinct layers of defense with the eight layer centered on human intelligence.

The rebranding campaign comes as the company plans to debut a new product line expected on the market early next year.

ISC8 is best known for making stacks of memory chips, miniature cameras and night-vision goggles.

The company, established in 1974, is traded on the low profile Pink Sheets and has a market value of around $13.6 million.

It has struggled to maintain profitability and received numerous extensions to maintain its listing on the Nasdaq.

In 2008 the company sold subsidiary Optex Systems Inc. in Texas for $15 million and used the money to pay down debt.

Earlier that year it initiated a reverse stock split to prop up the value of its shares and avoid a Nasdaq delisting.

In mid September 2010 Irvine Sensors Corp. was delisted from the Nasdaq and began trading on the Pink Sheets.