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Burba Hotel Network Sold

Burba Hotel Network in Costa Mesa was bought by Northstar Travel Group in Secaucus, N.J., on undisclosed terms.

Burba runs 10 hospitality investment events globally. BHN founder and President Jim Burba said in a press release that the deal expands his firm’s access to digital media and database marketing, among other benefits.

“I have known the leadership team of Northstar for many years … and we are very excited to be working with Northstar,” he said.

Northstar publishes about 10 travel industry journals and runs 50 events in 13 countries. It’s owned by a fund run by WP Capital Management, which bought it from Wicks Group of Cos. in June.

Both firms are based in New York.

Wicks had owned Northstar since 2012. A news report at the time of Wicks’ sale of Northstar to WP Capital said the media company had about $60 million in revenue from its publications and about 20 global events.

BHN last year added management of two events, one in Boston and one in the Caribbean.

Burba and BHN Vice President Bob Hayes, and BHN employees, are expected to stay on.

Burba and Hayes co-authored a book in September which includes discussion of finding the right strategic partners in business.


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