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Rockwell Collins Closing Irvine Plant

Aviation electronics maker Rockwell Collins Inc. plans to lay off 140 workers by summer at an Irvine plant.

Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Rockwell Collins plans to shift work from Irvine to Calexico, Mexicali and Florida, according to the Orange County Register.

Another 150 people in Irvine are set to move to Rockwell Collins’ operation in Tustin.

Rockwell Collins makes electronics and communication equipment for commercial and military aircraft. It also provides in-flight entertainment systems for airlines.

The company got into in-flight entertainment by acquiring Hughes-Avicom International in Pomona in 1997 and Irvine-based Sony TransCom in 2002.

For a time, Rockwell Collins moved its regional operations to Pomona before moving to Tustin in 2005.

The company, which spun off in 2001 from what’s now Rockwell Automation Inc., employs about 1,000 people in the county.

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