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Wednesday, Aug 10, 2022

Midday Stock Roundup

The S&P; 500 was flat at 4,384.27 in midday trading.The Dow Jones Industrial Average was up 0.1% to 33,940.22.

The Nasdaq slumped 0.8% to 13,644.92.

The yield on a 10-year Treasury bond shed 0.3% to 1.8580%.

The price of gold climbed 0.6% at $1,933.70 an ounce.

The price of oil dropped 0.9% to $109.62 a barrel.


Shares in Romeo Power Inc. (NYSE: RMO) fell 6.5% to $1.51 apiece and a market cap of $203.7 million. The Vernon-based electric vehicle batteries maker announced last October plans to relocate to Cypress. On average, Wall Street analysts give the stock a “hold” rating. 


Irvine-based cancer test maker Oncocyte Corp. (NASDAQ: OCX) fell 7.4% to $1.37 per share for a $126.3 million market cap. The company’s share price has fallen about 66% in the last six months.


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