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Disney, Hotels Donate Supplies; City Delivers

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The Disney Parks unit of Walt Disney Co. gave 150,000 rain ponchos and 100,000 N95 PPE masks to be used by healthcare professionals responding to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ponchos, which health workers wear to protect clothing, were given to Georgia-based aid organization MedShare which is sending them to hospitals. Masks went to state health care agencies in California, Florida and New York.

The city of Anaheim has joined in, using its transportation network to collect supplies from hotels, many of which are currently closed, and other area companies, to distribute material to seniors, families and others in need.

Anaheim hotels have donated hand sanitizer, a thousand rolls of toilet paper and 3,000 gloves.

Anaheim Resort Transportation, which runs shuttles and buses among hotels, theme parks and the convention center, is transporting donations.

Go here for more updates on how OC companies are responding to coronavirus.

For ongoing, in-depth coverage of coronavirus effects on OC businesses, see the Monday print edition of the Business Journal.

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