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What Restaurants Look Like Post-Pandemic

California released additional guidelines for when restaurants reopen with in-restaurant dining that changes the customer experience and calls for big revamps to many companies’ businesses.

The guidelines may only be implemented after the state gives counties the OK to move on to an expanded stage of businesses cleared to resume operations under phase two of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s slow reopening of California.

Currently, only seven counties have been cleared by the California Department of Public Health to enter that expanded stage two. Orange County is not one of them.

The guidelines also restrict breweries, bars, pubs, distilleries and wineries to a later stage of reopening and require food service, though they can continue curbside alcohol-only transactions.

The workaround would be if bars or pubs link with another company serving meals in the same facility so long as alcohol and food are in the same transaction.

For restaurants reopening dining rooms, there are worker training and cleaning protocols outlined by the state.

Table settings must have cutlery pre-rolled in napkins and items such as ketchup or salt and pepper shakers can no longer be left sitting out on tables for use. Instead, those items must come in single-serve containers or be disinfected after each use.

Tableside service, self-serve stations for food or utensils, food carts and buffets are no longer permitted.

The full guidance for in-restaurant dining can be found here.

Go here for more updates on OC companies’ responses to the coronavirus.

For ongoing, in-depth coverage of the coronavirus’ effects on OC businesses, see the Monday print edition of the Business Journal.

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