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Midday Stock Roundup

The S&P; 500 was up 0.5% to 4,701.64 in midday trading Friday.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.6% to 36,353.46, while the Nasdaq increased 0.3% to 15,990.29.

Crude oil was up 3.1% to $81.22.

Gold rose 1.2% to $1,815.80.

The yield on a 10-year Treasury fell 3.9% to 1.46%.


Xponential Fitness Inc. (NYSE: XPOF) shares soared 8.6% to $18.68, a day after the boutique fitness franchisor said it inked a deal with Irvine-based Fitness International LLC that would bring at least 350 franchised locations over the next five years to LA Fitness and City Sports Club locations. Irvine-based Xponential had a recent market cap of $886.2 million.


Huntington Beach-based BJ’s Restaurants Inc. (Nasdaq: BJRI) rose 7.8% to $37.17, amid a broader increase among restaurants Friday. BJ’s had a recent market cap of $866.1 million.

Other local movers include Costa Mesa-based El Pollo Loco Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: LOCO), up 1.9% to $15.29 for a market cap of $560.2 million. Lake Forest-based Del Taco Restaurants Inc. (Nasdaq: TACO) increased 2.9% to $8.67 for a market cap of $315.5 million. Kura Sushi USA Inc. of Irvine rose 3.9% to $47.95 and a market cap of $464.9 million.

The Dow Jones U.S. Restaurants & Bar Index was up 1.7% to 2,612.92 on Friday.

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