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Midday Stock Roundup

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The S&P; climbed 0.7% to 4,510.22 in midday trading.

The Dow 30 was flat at 35,140.41 while the Nasdaq rose 1.7% at 14,120.31.

Crude oil was up 2.5% to $92.53 a barrel.

Gold was up 0.1% to $1,807 an ounce.

The yield on a 10-year bond grew 5.1% to 1.921%.


Romeo Power, Inc. (NYSE: RMO) rose 6.3% to $2.19 per share and a $292 million market cap. The Cypress-based EV battery manufacturer recently announced its new executive appointments. Anne Devine will take over as Romeo Power’s COO, while Rose Rogers will step in as CPO. Shares for Romeo Power have decreased about 40% in the past month.


WM Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: MAPS), an Irvine-based software provider to the cannabis industry, was up 5.2% to $4.90 per share and a market cap of $321 million. Last month, the company held a presentation to investors at the ICR Conference 2022 and the 24th Annual Needham Virtual Growth Conference. Shares for WM Technology have dropped about 15% over the past month.

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